Pioneer™ 2-Point QR Harness


nnnPioneer™ 2-Points QR Harness
nThe Pioneer range has a two tone colour scheme to help the user in donning and inspection. Along with light alloy steel hardware makes this a comfortable day to day product. nThe quick release version of the 2-point harness offers all of the same benefits coupled with the ability to quickly don and doff this all rounder.

nnFeatures And Benefits

nn•Quick release buckles on the legs for an quick and easy donning
n•Two tone colour for an easy donning and easy inspection
n•Fully adjustable thigh, chest and leg straps
n•Fall indicator for easy inspection
n•2 points of anchorage
n•Labels of inspection and instructions protected in a black PVC pouch
n•Plastic retainers to keep straps tidy
n•Light alloy steel hardware
n•Sit strap
n•Conforms to EN361:2002 Rated to 136 kgn

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