Forceflex™ 3020 – Black/Smoke HC lens


The ForceFlex™ spectacle utilises a novel application of the very latest in plastic technology making them almost unbreakable. The frame of the spectacle is able to recover from almost any deformation that it may receive from simply being left in the wearer’s pocket to being stood on. The frames also feature comfortable polymers where they touch the wearer’s skin ensuring both a secure and comfortable fit. All units exceed the high optical standards for ANSI Z87.1, EN166 and AS/NZS meets the US Military requirements. 15 Calibre Ballistic Impact test which exceeds EN166.F by over six times.

Superior Comfort
Sports style side arms to ensure comfortable, secure fit. Enhanced soft rubber for maximum ease of wear.

Custom Fit
Supple frame-casing adjusts exactly to wearer’s face making them the most comfortable Safety Glasses available.

Staying Power
World leading inject-binded lens and frame ensure optimum resilience, life span and unbeatable performance.

Fully Flexible
Fully flexible enhanced TPU frame is capable of recovering from almost any deformation.

Matchless Performance
ForceFlex™ technology cushions and absorbs impact such as being dropped and/or stood on.

Three choices of lens for various applications and four colour frame options available.

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