Force™ 12 Full Face Mask (Din Fitting)


The Force12™ is a well-balanced full face single canister mask made from EPDM to increase user comfort. It features a completely clear visor increasing light levels within the mask and decreasing the feeling of claustrophobia often felt whilst using full face masks. It offers superior comfort with it’s 5-point suspension harness and quick release buckles. The mask accepts any of the wide range of Force DIN thread canisters. Conforms to: BS EN136:1998 Class3.

Panoramic Vision
Stylish panoramic design providing impact protection,anti-mist /antiscratch coating as standard.

Fully Adjustable
Fully adjustable 5 point suspension harness for optimum fit and comfort.

DIN Thread Canisters
A wide range of DIN thread canisters available for different tasks & environments.

Exhalation Valve
Exhalation valve to reduce heat and moisture build-up.

Padded for extra comfort over prolonged use, moulds to face shape for excellent seal.

Force12&#8482: User Guide by JSP Ltd

This video by JSP Ltd shows the user how to fit the filter cartridges to the JSP Force12™ Full Face Mask. It also shows the correct way to fit to the face/head and how to adjust the mask.

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