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nMk8® Evolution® EN14052 Industrial Safety Helmet
nThe Mk8® Evolution® safety helmet was the first industrial hard hat in the world to meet and exceed the far tougher head protection standard EN14052 – this was the biggest advance in industrial head protection in over 45 years. The EVO®8 safety helmet is designed for today’s highest risk environments where high impact / side impact situations are a concern such as Construction, Mining, Tunnelling, Demolition, Oil and Gas, Offshore Marine, Refinery and Petrochemical, High Pressure Jetting and certain Emergency Services. EN14052 is specified into EN1789 as a mandatory requirement for each crew member for type B & C road ambulances.
nDesigned and developed over two years the EVO®8 safety helmets excellent build quality complements the high standard of design and materials which go into the helmet, including features such as a high density liner and a comfortable new harness system which create unparalleled wearer comfort and acceptability.
nEN14052 requires the helmet to withstand over 100 joules crown impact (compared to 49 joules under EN397) and for the first time to withstand side impact protection of 50 joules to an angle of up to 60 from vertical in a 360° radius around the shell.
nSuitable for:
• Demolition
• Heavy Construction
• Mining / Tunnelling
• Refinery, Oil and Gas
• Offshore / Marine
nImpact Protection
Side, front and rear impact protection from the shock absorbing EPS liner. Vented liner to increase comfort whilst maintaining high protection factor. Liner optimises low angle impact performance.
nOuter Shell
nUltra high strength outer shell. Ribbed upper section dissipates impact energy. All round protection, down to 60° from vertical. Large print area on front & sides for logo printing.
Extremely comfortable terylene webbing moulds to the individual wearer’s head. Lightweight EPS liner reduces weight while still offering maximum protection.
International slot enables firm fitting of a range of Surefit™ safety visors and ear defenders. Wide variety of visors available. Incorporates steel springs for easy deployment and retraction. High perfomance Surefit™ ear protection offers an SNR of 28. Accessories sold separately
Intuitive thumb and forefinger press points for easy adjustment of the wheel ratchet, offers diverse size ranges for true ‘One Size Fits All’.
nElectrical Insulation
The un-vented version meets EN14052 440V a.c.requirements.
nInstruction leaflet

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