Cobra™ welding visor DIN 9-13 c/w EVOLite® mid peak wheel vented


Cobra™ welding visor DIN 9-13 with EVOLite® mid peak wheel ventednn
nEngineered and built to exacting standards, the Cobra welding visor is constructed to a very high specification from engineering grade nylon 66. Cobra has been designed with the user firmly in mind and has many unique features, which not only increase user safety but comfort as well. The EVOLite® is a breakthrough product enabling Health and Safety Officers to achieve new levels of compliance due to its unrivalled comfort. It is lightweight, extremely comfortable and fits the widest range of head shapes and sizes. The harness and shell are truly integrated as one to give the best performance by keeping it firmly rooted on the head, even when fully inverted. Gives added security and protection when working at height, in high winds, or when there is a high degree of activity, such as during motorway maintenance.n

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nSTE, AFY230-000-100