15m Wire Retractable Fall Limiter (Atex app)


nnn15m Wire Retractable Fall Limiter (Atex approved)

nn The range of retractable fall limiters are encased in nearly indestructible plastic to give them an edge on sites where they are used. The fall limiters have been tested rigorously in all types of situations. All wire fall limiters are Atex approved and can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

nnFeatures And Benefits

nn•Robust and durable plastic casing.
n•Steel swivel snap hook with load indicator, gate opening 20 mm, conforms to EN362:2004 Class T.
n•Fall indicator for easy inspections.
n•Galvanised steel wire diameter 4.5 mm.
n•Length of the wire: 15m.
n•1 screw gate aluminium Karabiner at the anchorage point.
n•Gate opening: 22 mm.
n•Conforms to EN362:2004 Class B
n•Conforms to EN360:2002, ATEXnn

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nHEI, FAR0707



  • Spartan™ 2m Single Tail Scaffolders Lanyard

    nnnSpartan™ Single Tail Scaffolders Lanyard

    nnFeatures And benefits

    nn•Webbing lanyard incorporated with shock absorber.
    n•30 mm wide polyester webbing with textile loops on both ends.
    n•Length: 2m.
    n•Conforms to EN355:2002.

    nnDelivered with:

    n•1 screw gate karabiner in alloy steel.
    n•Gate opening 18 mm.
    n•Conforms to EN362:2004 class B And M.
    n•1 aluminium Rebar Hook.
    n•Gate opening 60 mm.
    n•Conforms to EN362:2004 Class T. nn